The Daily Poet – Poem 8 – March 31, 2011

I really need to update the name of this series to The Sporadic Poet if I’m not going to publish them on a daily basis, but I guess it’s too late to change names now.

Oh well, another time another rhyme I suppose, and without further delay, here is the poem for today.

Early Spring

Subtle tints of Spring
Drop hints once again

The green grass sprouts shoot
Trees begin to stretch their roots

Underneath the surface
Tulip bulbs explode

Unleashing leaves through the dirt
Exposed upon the frigid earth

Where the frost still threatens
To wilt under a starry moon

Where renewal never seems
To come too soon.

Well, d’d’d’d’d’d’d’dats all folks!

As always and never done, mainly because you’re one of the none readers, please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, and outright attacks on my character. Why not?

Until another day, please live your life the poetry way.

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